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New Orleans Hotel Wedding Catering Menu

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There's a little bit of magic in New Orleans, they say. And we agree: when you take fresh local ingredients, classic French technique, and bold Mediterranean flavors, you end up with something wonderful. At Hotel Fontenot, our catering for wedding events embodies the rich culinary tradition of New Orleans wedding food, ensuring that every dish serves as a memorable part of your special day. Our renowned chef and mixologist team takes an innovative approach to the wedding menu, carefully crafting each item and cocktail to reflect the unique flavors and vibrant spirit of New Orleans. They work hand-in-hand with couples, personalizing menus to create an exquisite dining experience that captures the essence of celebration in The Big Easy.

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Begin Booking Your Wedding, Your Way

To turn your dream day into reality with a bespoke New Orleans wedding menu, Hotel Fontenot is the premier choice. Our venues can accommodate both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. To book your unforgettable wedding and curate a menu that captures the heart and soul of New Orleans cuisine, visit our website or contact our dedicated events team today. Let us make your wedding a masterpiece of culinary delight and elegant hospitality.

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